Go On A Journey With Us

Founded on the concept that we are all unique, and deserve an individualized experience. We create high quality, affordable running plans for Everyone. We all can benefit from having a coach in our corner.

Why Run With Us?

We’re just like you

We all start our running journey from humble beginnings. Our methods are soundly researched and created by industry experts. We’ve practiced and tested all of the workouts on ourselves first.

We’re invested in you

We believe in getting the job done right the first time. If you don’t reach the goals we help set, and you’ve followed the entire plan, we’ll build you another plan for no charge.

Having a plan will help you grow faster

Most newer runners have the same issue: they hurt, a lot. Our plans emphasize your safety, as well as making improvements. We make our plans tailored to your needs and ensure that you take the time you need to grow as a runner.

We don’t break your bank

Having a personal coach or trainer can cost hundreds. We make personalized plans to guide you at a reasonable price.

All Plans Are Created By RRCA Certified Coaches

What Does “Vili” mean, anyway?

This goes back to our Scandinavian roots, Vili is the Norse God of Willpower. Vili is called upon when great courage and strength are needed to complete a task. We hope that you’ll call on us when you need courage too.